How might we co-create new circular innovations to reshape the fashion industry?

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The Circular Fashion Games run by StartupMix is a unique program consisting of two bootcamps, the first in Eindhoven and the second in Amsterdam. Participants worked in multidisciplinary teams to co-create new circular innovations for the fashion sector to reshape the industry. The event was sponsored by the C&A Foundation and had challenge questions from the following companies: 

Waste2Wear Challenge: How can we integrate other recycled plastics, besides PET and PP into the textile supply chain?

Lenzing Challenge: How can we design garments from renewable raw materials that can be regenerative and/or easily disassembled for reuse and recycling?

Circle Economy Challenge: How can we develop a Closet Mass Index as a digital tool to allow consumers to track and assess the contents of their closet?

Podium voor Onderwijs: How can we create an identity / image / strategy / plan to create a movement among youth?

EnschedeTextielstad: How can we challenge the status quo to alter consumer behaviour towards a more circular, durable fashion system?


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Please refer to the Contribution Guide in the challenge brief above for more information on why, what, and how to contribute to this challenge, including any point systems used.