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Subscription model for boats

Freedom Boat Club is a Boat Club designed for people who want to access a versatile fleet of boats on a regular basis, at an affordable cost of entry. The club has a one-time entry fee and monthly dues. Members have unlimited access to the club fleet, but do not own them and never incur any service or storage fees. Reservations are made through a proprietary online system. Freedom Boat Club employs a proven member-to-boat ratio formula to ensure there are always plenty of boats in the fleet to service the demand of members. And unlike other club organizations, Freedom Boat Club rotates new boats into the system regularly, while moving them out of inventory after three years of usage. Freedom Boat Club has 1600+ late model boats from coast to coast, with 145+ franchise and corporate club locations throughout the United States and Canada. Members who join Freedom Boat Club on a year round basis enjoy reciprocal access and can boat anywhere Freedom Boat Clubs are located.

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