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Mono-material carpets using reusable, recyclable materials

Niaga® Technology offers a completely new way of making carpet, using pure materials only. Niaga® Technology gives carpet designers and users full freedom to make any carpet mono-material or separable duo-material and fully circular. It can be made into broadloom as well as tiles, can handle high-low structures and advanced tufting technologies, and works with all main types of man-made face fibers used in carpets such as polyester (PET), polyamide (PA6 and PA66), poly-tri-methylene terephthalate (PTT), polypropylene (PP) but also natural fibers such as wool.

Carpets made with the Niaga® Technology are fully recyclable back into new carpet. They started with carpet inspired by its contribution to local waste problems. Today, most carpet is made by using a complex set of materials, glued together for eternity with latex. Separating these materials after use for recycling proved to be difficult and expensive. To allow for decoupling of different materials, Niaga® invented an adhesive that decouples on demand. When the carpet is no longer in use, a recycler can “unclick” the adhesive to harvest two pure material streams.