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Improving water quality with bioremediation ponds

Grorudparken (Grorud Park) is one of four new neighbourhood parks in Groruddalen. The park introduces facilities for athletics, play, recreation, youth programmes, social interaction, and cultural activities for the diverse local population. Improvement of water quality in Groruddammen through various soil cleansing techniques, was a central part of LINK Landscape’s role. The project is a pilot project in Norway and incorporates phytoremediation (a 2 to 3 year process by which soil pollutants are bound to vegetation), reducing carbon emissions associated with transporting soil for off-site remediation. Stormwater from Trondheimsveien and surrounding areas is cleaned within bioremediation ponds before it is released into the River Alna and Groruddammen. Water quality has improved significantly, as a direct result of the project’s completion.