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Dwellings designed with and for refugees

Better Shelter is designed to help the millions of people worldwide who have fled armed conflicts, persecution or natural disasters, who have often been through traumatic experiences, and who face an uncertain and extremely vulnerable future. The Better Shelter becomes their home away from home in temporary settlements, transitory sites and camps – a place where they can close the door and get a little privacy and calm. Assembling a 17,5 m2 Better Shelter requires a team of four people and takes around four hours depending on experience, conditions and location. The shelter is delivered in two cardboard boxes which have been packed to reflect the order in which components will be used in construction. The two boxes can be lifted by four people and also contain all necessary tools and instruction manuals. The modular design of the Better Shelter makes it adaptable for different uses and locations, as can be seen from the real world applications our partners and end users are creating for themselves.