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Scalable demonstration project for circular housing

The Circle House project consists of 60 general housing units in Lisbjerg, outside Aarhus, which is expected to be completed in 2020. In addition to serving as housing, Circle House is a scalable demonstration project that can give the building industry new knowledge about circular construction. Circle House consists of a range of building systems that can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled into other buildings while keeping their economic and aesthetic values intact. The objective is that 90% of the materials being used for the buildings can be reused without losing significant value. A wide range of materials can be used in the project; the key is the approach rooted in the principles of design for disassembly and circularity. Since this system is the crucial aspect, great architectural freedom is achieved in terms of material selection in circular construction. The Circle House project aims to develop, propagate and anchor knowledge about circular construction in the industry. As an example of this, the architectural development of the project was undertaken by a so-called ‘collaboration studio’, a joint team consisting of four companies with sustainability as their foundation: Vandkunsten, Lendager Group and 3XN Architects, with the professional facilitation and coordination of GXN Innovation.