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Computer reconditioning centre - Combining resource recovery, skills training, and digital inclusion

"The Computer Reconditioning Centre (CRC) is an integral element of the city of Belo Horizonte’s digital inclusion, skills development and waste reduction efforts. In this electronics remanufacturing facility, citizens from low-income communities receive extensive training to restore donated post-use IT equipment into full working condition." 


  • 7,000 post-use IT products (CPUs, monitors, printers) were restored in the first nine years of the initiative and offered to digital inclusion sites and similar initiatives
  • 15,000kg of post-use electronics have been diverted from landfill every year on average, since 2008, thanks to this initiative. This adds up to 165,000kg by 2018.
  • 10,446 citizens have been trained in basic technological skills, environmental education, and computer remanufacturing to date
  • Belo Horizonte was recognised as Brazil’s most digitally advanced city in a 2011 ranking
  • The initiative became a city priority with annual targets for 2018-2021 on remanufacturing, skills training and digital inclusion (see measuring progress)