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City Hall from Cradle-to-cradle - Venlo

"From the outset, it was decided that the design of the new Venlo City Hall (NL) should be Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certified and situated in an area in need of regeneration. The vision was to create a building that would enable better connections between different city departments, and that would show consideration for the health of workers, visitors and the surrounding environment. These considerations were in addition to the aim of creating long-term cost benefits from material choices and energy saving technologies.

As one of the schools of thought that underpin the circular economy, C2C design allows for continuous material recovery and reutilisation in a technical or biological system. Through healthy material choices and design for disassembly, it is possible to recoup some of the original investment, at a later date, as materials can be sold back to manufacturers through a ‘buy and buy-back’ scheme, and ultimately used again. In designing Venlo City Hall, careful attention was given to the structure of the building, and also to the interior fit-out and furniture installed. The close attention to detail extended to the procurement of products within the building, such as soap."

  • Played a key role in updating the city’s image
  • Outcomes of the project have led to Venlo making C2C compliance a part of all its future construction projects
  • The procurement of C2C furniture alone leads to an 18% cost saving in part achieved through the embedded value of the materials, which can be returned to the original manufacturer at the end of the product life through the buy and buy-back scheme,
  • Building’s green facade absorbs 30% of sulphur and nitrogen oxides in the air in the vicinity of the building, offsetting the emissions of particulate matter from local traffic.