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Going #PlasticNeutral: measuring, reducing, and offsetting individuals' plastic footprint

The Problem

Plastic is ending up in oceans and landfills. Millions of informal workers across the developing world work every day to recycle waste. Consumers and brands all over the world have a growing environmental consciousness, but are not taking enough action to reduce waste and empower these workers.

We have not put a price on plastic like the way we have put a price on carbon. Many types of soft plastic are still burned, landfilled, or flushed into the oceans because it doesn't have enough inherent value for recyclers to actually do something about it.


The Solution

Inspired by carbon offset, rePurpose uses plastic credit to fund the world’s shift to circular economy. They help individuals & workplaces go #PlasticNeutral in 3 steps: 1) estimate your/your employees’ plastic footprint through our proprietary calculator 2) offset your usage through a vetted social enterprise in India who will recycle an equivalent amount of plastic otherwise landfilled 3) reduce your impact through ConsciousLiving tips, uniquely curated for you/your offices.


What is rePurpose currently looking for?  


The idea of #PlasticNeutral is in its early stages, and not only do we need help popularizing the concept but we also need to guide the development of plastic offset in a way that actually adds additional impact as opposed to greenwash other people.