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Tracking leftover fabrics and scraps in the textiles industry

Reverse Resources offers fabric and garment factories an online platform that enables factories to track their production leftovers in real-time as well as access information from other parties in the industry – how much and what sort of leftovers are available and where. 

"We believe that digital traceability of resources is the ultimate key to unlock the extensive business opportunity of circular economy in textile industry. 

This is why we are developing a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for fabric and garment factories to map, measure and create visibility for leftover fabrics and scraps so that these become traceable through their following life cycles. We want to unleash the new business opportunity from circular economy and boost remanufacturing and recycling best practices with virtual support from our software, giving the highest priority to maximising impact, scalability and efficiency.

The volumes of spilled resources from garment production are systematically underestimated by retailers - on average 25% of resources get spilled from factories. Taking the first step to start measuring and planning the integration of these resources back into the supply chains would give an opportunity for a major growth within the textile industry while helping to reduce the use of virgin fibres." (Reverse Resources website)