Experience more during your trip

Travelling to an event costs money, time and has an energy impact. How can AI help personalise information for travellers pre-trip so that they can maximise their time, money and effort during their trip. During what we can gather from traveller data to better connect travellers with in or out of city experiences, other events and other travellers with similar interests.
What's the objective - wider destination discovery and wider spread of economic impact to more businesses and places.
Who'd need to be involved - tech/data scientists to create the product/platform. This could be a element which could be used by many for all city events....again reuse rather than redevelop for each event.

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How can this be improved?
Federica Piccoli
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  • Personilizing travel is execellent but i saw that this aleays requires a petsonal human relation to work

    How can this be improved?
    Rebecca Ricketts - Challenge Initiator
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  • Hi Aileen, I think there's real scope here. Quoting an article from The Guardian, Feb 2016... "In the digital age, we’ve become a generation of DIY travellers who plan, manage and book travel online." The question is... "What has this meant for businesses in the travel industry".. and how can it open up new opportunities for the sector?…