Pop-up Urban Waste2Food Platform

Closing the waste-energy-food loop:

Using waste food as feedstock in mobile pop-up urban micro-scale anaerobic digesters (in shipping containers) used at key city sporting and cultural events.

Circular operating processes and digital platform able to co-ordinate and transform organic waste into a regenerative resources (nutrients and energy).

A decentalised micro-scale anaerobic digestion (AD) system is able to recycle food waste on-site to produce digestate. The digestate can be subsequently processed and used as a grow substrate as bio-medium for cultivating plants and mushrooms...while producing high-value biogas used to provide CHP renewable energy.

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How can this be improved?
Rebecca Ricketts - Challenge Initiator
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  • Hi Jason. The World Economic Forum published an article back in 2015 suggesting that Dubai was to become the first city in the world to formally adopt biodiesel made 100% locally from 100% waste cooking oil for use in its municipal vehicles. If a city can run a transport system on waste food, there must be ways for venues to run events! What could the next step in convincing our city venues look like?…

    How can this be improved?
    Vasavi Yachamaneni
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  • Ecology has to be maintained. The waste we produce is food for worms and worms are useful in making the land fertile. Birds feed on them in turn they help pollination. Thete is a natural ecosystem which we have destroyed and trying to find solutions