Repurposing organic waste into new foods, energy, or fertilisers

What is it and who is it for?

Venues with organic waste streams they can consistently expect and plan for can retrieve and maximise the value from those waste streams by transforming and repurposing them into energy, fertilisers, water, or even new foods. 

How could it work?

  • Specific types of organic waste (e.g. coffee grounds) can directly be used for e.g. mushroom cultivation
  • Different types of organic waste can be repurposed into biogas, digestate, electricity, or event water using either
  • Portable units or
  • Built-in systems at fixed locations
  • Fast-composters can enable the quick transformation of organic waste into compost that urban farmers can use right away. 

Existing solutions include:

Missing pieces

  • Are there examples of buildings, hotels, or venues that have successfully set up closed-loop systems using organic waste?
  • How can we ensure demand for the outputs if e.g. the quantities produced exceed the needs of a particular venue? 
  • What would be a good place to start?
  • What needs to happen at the venue level to make this solution at success? Who needs to be on board?

Based on ideas by Johannes KisserFosca Poltronieri, John Sloan and Oriol Segarra.

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How can this be improved?
John Sloan
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  • My own opinion is that if an organization such as a major food retailer is directly involved in a "close the loop" pilot project this would increase the chances of the uptake of circular system strategies. They, after all, have the financial backing to radically change things.

    How can this be improved?
    onaaraTODAYnews onaaraTODAYservices
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  • My organization onaaraTODAYservices which is the group of company to this news and media unit onaaraTODAYnews has another sister company onaaraTODAYhealth and medical services. The medical services has a Teaching & Research farm unit where we treat animals in our Animal Hospital.

    At a point, the waste from this animals became nuisance and I should started searching for way out of this debacle.

    I eventually got here and it's like the solutions are not ready made. We already have bags of sheep and goat faeces loaded in our premises and hoping to get it transformed.

    I'm looking for partner to turn this waste into something useful. I will appreciate if I can be guided by anyone here or elsewhere to teach me how to go about it.

    For instance, our locality in ONA-ARA local government area of Oyo state Nigeria do not enjoy electricity from the national grid. The building housing my businesses has disconnected itself from government source as far back as 2011. This was in protest to erratic power supply for over 3months of no glimpse and even after we disconnected, the area didn't have light for a 3years stretch with not a single seconds of light till 2014.

    If we can get a small unit that can convert the waste to electricity for our building, it will open a big market for the power generator in Nigeria.

    The conversion of waste to manure is another great area of business for our area being an agrarian location which in the past has been the food basket for the state.

    Can we urgently be supported for any of these two or any other one like biogas which is another veritable area of business.

    Please direct me as necessary please.

    Yemisi Oladipupo (Ms.)