Digitising, repurposing, and designing marketing materials for cyclability

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What is it and who is it for?

Venues can play a role in how event organisers and exhibitors plan their marketing and branding efforts by introducing them to the right technologies, suppliers, and imposing some requirements as to the kind of marketing materials and merchandise that can be distributed at the location.

How could it work?


  • Using projectors to display signage and sponsor logos
  • Banning name tags entirely
  • Making use of emerging digital token technologies to showcase or give away “sample” services that are offered to people who approach booths.

Designing for cyclability

  • Providing generic rather than branded giveaways that can be reused for future events at the venue
  • Providing a list of t-shirts, freebie and event signage suppliers that provide products that can be either recycled or are biodegradable


  • Marketing materials such as vinyl banners, billboards, and other signage materials can be transformed into bags, wallets, notebook covers, placemats and other functional items for either businesses or consumers, with proceeds going to support the production facility where refugees and other underserved populations can be trained and employed in the manufacturing of these products.

Missing pieces

  • How else can we provide exposure to brands at a venue location without wasting materials?
  • What other marketing materials can we digitise? 
  • What solutions already exist that supply circular merchandise alternatives?

Based on ideas by Erica Betz, Naira Bonilla, Harold Louis Trinidad, and Beth Shorrock


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