Create a common language between stakeholders that triggers the transition towards a Circular Economy in Eindhoven.

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City as a profitable incubator for Circular Economy  

To use the city of Eindhoven as a study case to demonstrate that Circular Economy can be a desirable, profitable and feasible business model.

Vision: To become the 1st city in the world completely Circular and showcased to be replicated in other urban contexts.

Values: Respect for the Circular Economy principles; Circular Economy as a reliable business model. Use of Exponential technologies. Use of Systems Thinking Methodologies.  

There are two customer segments:

  • The City of Eindhoven
  • The investors 

Value proposition:

The current economic system is not sustainable for all sectors of society, therefore there’s an urgency in changing the paradigm into one that is based on the principle of closed loop.

Eindhoven is a dynamic and innovative city, already with the appropriated technologies that enables the transition towards a profitable Circular Economy System/City.   

With a positive outcome, investors will be portraited as pioneers in this transformation of paradigm and will get return for their investments.


With the help of key people of Eindhoven;

Digital mapping of stakeholders in order to create a network.

Customer relationships:

Inter-relation amongst stakeholders/partners.

Revenue streams:

The current linear system not only has negative impact at social and environmental levels but also in the long-term is not economically viable and sustainable. With this in mind, a circular economy provides a better cost-benefit outcome to the different stakeholders.

Team: Bolt in Bold – Ana Sambade & Marta Brazão 

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