Kick-off Support Package for New Companies joining GooHoo platform

Concept description:
The idea is to attract new companies to the platform by providing a support package (consulting/ training course) and sharing the best practices and success stories of other companies that are already successful at offering their products as a service.

The package will include: training course/ consulting on how to transform your business model from linear/ product based to circular/ service based.

Vision and values behind our concept:
That gives a great learning experience for companies who need to transform their business model from product to service and from linear to circular. Providing guidelines from companies who have already overcome the obstacles and are successful in their field can bring great help and motivation to starting companies.

*The platform can also include testimonials and useful tips from this kind of companies.

Customer Segments:

  • Main target group: companies already interested in selling their products as services, but don’t know how to transform their business model.
  • First customer segments can be:
    • companies providing baby products (clothing, toys, travel gear, furniture) or
    • electronic companies (Ipads, GoPros, Consoles).
  • Additional customer segment: people wishing to repair their products.


Value Propositions:
GooHoo helps companies easily transform their business model from sales to services by providing the kick-off support package (including their knowledge, tools etc). This helps new companies joining the platform increase their visibility, status, brand value and helps to lower risks when entering a new market.

*GooHoo is experienced in e-commerce and experienced in repairing electronics.


  • Direct marketing (cold-calling, meetings, networking);
  • Using the existing networks that GooHoo has;
  • Partnerships (advertising on existing platforms);
  • Through communities (online & offline);
  • Website and social media platforms


Customer Relationships:

  • Personal assistance/ guidance;
  • Online support (through the platform);
  • Support through communities;
  • Warranty


Revenue Streams:

  • Commissions for reservations completed
  • Workshops for repairing things


Looking forward to your comments and feedback on our idea!

Thanks! :)

Team RockIt!
Melissa Biesmans, Alexandra Bundalova, Juan Jose Galvez, Kaisa Hansen


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