"HOMIE": Another pay-per-use washing model

HOMIE (, like Bundles, also provides washing-as-a-service. Unlike Bundles, they are not currently using a subscription model but only charge per washing cycle. To make their pay-per-use service possible, a digital tracker is built into their appliances which provides them with accurate and up-to-date information about the customer's use and allows them to calculate the right fee for the customer. Based on user data, they also provide personalised tips and tricks to become more environmental-friendly, and help their consumers save more money by lowering their water and electricity usage. Wonder if they're currently facing similar challenges to Bundles and if not, how they've managed to overcome them? It looks like they've just welcomed a new investor on board, as well as ABN AMRO (one of the largest banks in the Netherlands) as a financing partner:…

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Elisa Achterberg
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  • Bundles' offering is very similar: Bundles sells washing cycles instead of washing machines. A device is attached to the washing machine in the customer’s home to monitor how it is used. These statistics are displayed in the Wash-App, which provides the customer with insights into the overall cost of doing their washing, including energy, water and detergent consumption. In addition, the Wash-App displays tips to reduce costs and gives immediate feedback on the effect of different sorting, dosing and programming schemes. Not only does this reduce costs for the customer, but also extends the lifetime of the washing machine. Bundles is responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of the machine, but also replacement if the machine becomes outdated or broken. Moreover, the time that a washing machine is out of order is reflected in a reduction of the customer’s monthly fee. This is an extra incentive for Bundles to deliver excellent service. There are three different bundles available, for a small household, an average-size household and a larger household.

    This comes from this report: