Easy-to-repair washing machine

In France, l'incrévable aims to develop a washing machine that is easily repairable. They were inspired by the business case of fairphone but thought it should also be possible for bigger machines. Our grandparents used to have washing machines that lasted for almost 20 years but today the average life span of a washing machine isn't even 5 years. In order to change this, they are developing a modular washing machine where all the technology is concentrated in 1 'easy' to replace panel and the other parts are not interlinked in order to make repair very easy. 

In order to have a fully sustainable and durable system, it might be worth looking into the design and stages of development in order to use these easy-to-repair washing machines instead of having to contract with big firms who are known to not put much effort into increasing the life span of their product (due to economic growth 'concerns').

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Elisa Achterberg
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  • Thanks for sharing, that is very interesting! I also remember my mother using the old washing machine of my grandparents (it was actually a Miele) and that lasted for ages. Do you have any idea when this ease-repairable washing machine will enter the market? It might persuade other manufacturers to follow their lead (just as the aim of Fairphone is).

    Tessa Bogers
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  • Hi Elisa, at the moment I think they are still in the designing phase trying to find suppliers willing to contribute to the project. For more info on the status I suggest you contact them and ask if they have some more information, I myself am not involved directly in this project.