household goods virtual currency

In larger apartment blocks, you could have that the appliances are all owned and managed by a larger company. For example, you could have a large appliances company and a small appliances company - and they are in charge of maintenance, repair etc of all of the appliances in the building. 

Then they could link up all of their appliances using a blockchain, and manage them as well.

The inhabitants could use a virtual currency to pay per use across these, in the building. Perhaps individuals might be more interested to switch over to the pay per use / virtual currency method if it was more prevalent through the whole building.


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How can this be improved?
Natalie Geer
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  • Could you be more specific on where the units would be placed in the apartment buildings? I think it would be more economical to have the washing machines be accessible to more than one household if they're living in the same building.

    How can this be improved?
    Elisa Achterberg
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  • The possibilities of a Blockchain platform could be that the users all have their own wallet, which is especially convenient when sharing the appliances. They can therefore pay according to their use. Moreover, they can be steered towards more sustainable behavior.