Consumers as Investors

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We enable every individual to invest in Energy Community through BlockChain, and all together form a pool that will allow building e.g. a washing machine, PV-panels, battery modules or other solutions that are important for their community to become more sustainable. The idea is to empower people in communities to invest in a efficient appliance and live a more sustainable life.

Stage 1: In the case of a community washing facility: PowerBlock is going to study the optimum washing machine capacities with option of smart control to verify the market opportunity by leveraging the vast variance of high and low electricity prices. The study will determine the most profitable options. The options are (1) use during low rates and turn off during high rates, and (2) offer flexibility to the grid by not using at peak prices and getting revenues in return from the DSO.

Stage 2: PowerBlock will offer an online platform that will work as an investment pool. Investors will be able to buy tokens in the platform to make transactions through BlockChain technology. All activities and agreements carried out will be registered through Smart Contracts, also using BlockChain ensuring a transparent and reliable operation. Investors will be able to read and inform themselves about the project, its environmental impact and possible return on their investment.

Stage 3: The machine or facility will be installed as soon as the project achieved it's target financing. The combine study and a unique methodology to be develop is going to give us the edge of fast turn over between consumer feasibility study and income generation, for various sites. All earnings will be divided with the investors proportional to their contribution and stored in the BlockChain.

Stage 4: PowerBlock expects to make strategic collaboration with utilities and service providers to offer investors a wide variety of options to recover their investment. Rewards created will be a combination of personal gain and community investment. For example: rewards transfer between neighbour, paying their personal washing bills and in turn creating a self sustainable business. This last step will close the transaction loop in creating a micro economy within the community.

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