Grocery shopping from the couch

In the last couple of years we have seen a mushrooming of grocery shopping services. Fantastic and so time saving! 

It's interesting that supermarkets also offer this service and in some cases the option of creating meal boxes #mealprep!! 


Hello Fresh

De Krat

Willem en Drees

Marley Spoon

Eko Menu




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How can this be improved?
Marijana Novak
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  • It is more expensive to access local farmers, increasing the demand for such produce should reduce costs making it more accessible!

    What can go wrong?
    Maria Chercoles
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  • Grocery delivery is definetly a growing business. My concern is that in delivering products and meeting food handling regulations, these companies are causing a lot of waste. I've seen them deliver 1 egg wrapped in a plastic bag, and cut carrots packed in plastic containers. How do you think fresh food delivery and packaging can be more sustainable?