Paper mill 2020 style (making paper from clothing)

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Laura Scherer
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  • Interesting idea! However, wouldn't it be a kind of "downcycling" if paper or respectively stationary was made out of garments? Because the creation of paper with a straight surface would require shredding (I suppose) and at least in the paper industry, the length of the fibres determines the value of the cardboard/paper wastes. Corrugated cardboard for example has a higher resale value to paper mills than ordinary paper because the fibres are longer which means that it can be recycled more times before becoming "tissue paper" that cannot be recycled into paper products anymore.
    The European List of Standard Grades of Paper and Board for Recycling can be checked here:…
    In business practice, the quality grades containing more corrugated cardboard obtain higher prices.

    How about switching it the other way around and trying to make new fabric out of cardboard waste?
    The challenge here would be to increase the lengths of the fibres for the fabric to become tearproof.
    If a mechanism for this were to be developed, it would be a true case of "upcycling".