Ethics + Aesthetics = Sustainable Fashion

Fashion Industry has touched every life from a common man to top stars and models! 

But its time to change and get a  new definition of FASHION 

Fashion is not when you come up with a whole new design every time, a new material or a new brand every time. 

Sustainable Fashion is when you get creative ideas of re-designing the existing fashion pieces or using natural colours/ material in an economical way. 

Have we ever thought why Big Brands are so expensive? Is it Sustainable - benefitting any local community? 

The study of fashion should include in the 1st semester - A trip to an industry in developing country (where mostly clothes/fashion or part of it comes from), ethical lessons, a subject on how to renew the existing fashion pieces with least wastage and teaching the real defination of fashion.


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What can go wrong?
Ana Ramos
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  • Higher education can be very expensive on its own. I wonder if a trip to a factory in a developing country, while probably an eye-opening experience, would become a financial burden, either for students or for schools.
    I also wonder what kind of factory would we be looking at? A top-notch example of a sustainable manufacturing facility? A trip through the various processes (i.e. from the cotton field, to the mill, to the manufacturer)?
    Would there be many factories open to this level of transparency?

    When I was studying, my teacher tried to make a school trip with us to a factory, who rejected the proposal because they didn't want their workers to be distracted with the visitors (we know they're wasting time every time they lift their eyes from what they're doing)
    Some years ago, when I went to China to visit some suppliers within a brand I was working for, I never saw the factory environment. Suppliers almost always took us to showrooms in Office buildings, away from the factories. Once we did get to see a factory floor, but it was empty, as (they told us) the workers were on holidays. I couldn't help to ask myself why.

    How can this be improved?
    Vaishali Baid
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  • Hello Ana, Your point is valid but I know many programs nowadays have an exchange program or short visits during the course. It can be a good idea to include one aspect of this into the course.

    Secondly, thanks for sharing your experience. But it might be that the company was not willing to show you the facility due to obvious reasons. The right contact and right approach it is possible. Lot of people I meet here in Germany are actually worked in India and China and realised these circumstances on their own.

    Thanks for sharing!

    How can this be improved?
    Madalina Radoi
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  • Nice idea! Do you think collaborating with NGOs and charities tackling unethical fashion practices could help?

    Vaishali Baid
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  • Thanks so much, Madalina. Yes, I think that will be an added advantage of looking at things from a local perspective. As NGOs mostly know the local community problems and can support in this initiative!