Research about fostering of advanced students in primary and secondary school

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In this very comprehensive blog article several facets of the support for advanced students are being highlighted, undermined with research and discussed:…

It is an article about the primary and secondary schooling system, however, some of these principles can equally be applied to higher education.

The article highlights in particular the following aspects:

- the motivation to learn and underachieving of advanced students

- ability grouping (grouping toghether students with similar abilities)

- acceleration (moving skilled students faster through the curriculum)

- a discussion of educational goals (democratic equality, social efficiency, social mobility)

- personalization software

- pracitcal advice for the fostering of advanced students

For this challenge, I see especially the parts about educational goals and personalization software as useful. It should be clear what goals a circular economy fashion education should include and then see how these goals can be achieved through conventional and innovative means.

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