Shared Washing machines in apartment buildings

We all need need to wash our clothes, but our washing machines sit unused for so much of their life!

I know that certain block of flats have a common room with a few washing machines that all tenants can use by booking time allotments. 

Sometimes the machines are owned by the building as a whole but more often they are provided by an external service that also insures proper maintenance.

This solution would save all tenants money both for buying and maintaining the machines, and less waste of old house appliances. It could also mean a faster maintenance service from the renting company with respect to a single person looking for a technician!

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Farhad Bidgol
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  • If you've ever watched the TV programme "The Big bang Theory" based in the USA a lot of social conversation is in the basement and sharing the appliances is shown. In the UK in the 70's there were launderettes, where you took your washing to a local shop and sat and read a book until it was done. As appliances have become more affordable and credit purchases everyone owns their own.

    What if you could take business from dry cleaners as Airbnb did with hotels. DO your neighbor's laundry and ironing?

    Could help social mobility with people who work zero contract hours and part-time local income.

    Federica Parisi
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  • The social aspect connected with the shifted mindset is very important, as you point out. And the opportunities for small entrepreneurship would favor the local communities. The improvements deriving from adopting the idea of tools as a service instead of owned product are many and diverse!