Boiling water taps to replace kettles

There are many boiling water taps sold als products, for example those listed under:

Product as a service business model

If a company were not to sell the boiling water taps, but to sell "boiling water" and take on maintenance of the taps, it could be transformed into a product-as-a-service business model.


In this way, kettles/water boilers could be replaced, thereby reducing electronic waste and time needed for cleaning the kettle.

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Maria Chercoles
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  • This is great! In some countries people have to boil water to kill bacteria and purify it, since they don't have 100% clean drinkable tap water. I'm thinking specifically of Cuba where I grew up and boiling water to drink was part of a daily task. A system like this could potentially help solve 2 things: the need for a kettle (heating), and the need to boil water to purify it (cleaning).