Inspirational Mentorship

Leaders in the community living “zero-waste” lifestyles already pair up with a group that desires to live with less plastic, but does not know the steps to get there. The mentor will host educational workshops, have participants sign up in plastic reduction challenges to measure their single-use plastic consumption before and after.

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How can this be improved?
Claude Dewerse
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  • I like this idea Alisha.
    How would participants find a mentor? Would it be an app? Ideally you would want someone who lives not too far from you.
    My sister in law and I started what is really a mentoring app with like-minded friends. We just formed a What'sApp group where we in reality are mentoring each other, giving each other tips we have discovered or heard about, on how to reduce plastic consumption.
    Maybe you could start a local group with some of your friends?