Pay per wash: The next generation of dish washing

Commercial washing machine startup Winterhalter ( puts washing machines in businesses without any purchase, rent or lease costs. Instead, restaurants and other commercial kitchens pay for every washing cycle. The service includes soap, maintenance, insurance, and replacement of the washer when it breaks.

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How can this be improved?
Ricardo Daza Hoyos
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  • There should be mayor water savings compared to had washing, have you considered those saving?

    Maria Chercoles
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  • That's a good point. Hand washing doesn't release carbon emissions or create demand for more appliances, but wastes more water. There are tricks to handwashing using limited water, but it's time consuming and I don't think restaurants consider this alternative.

    The other option is composable dishes and utensils. I have no idea of the costs and footprint of the 3 alternatives, but it would be interesting to see a comparison. Is it better to get produce glass and silverware that requires constant washing, and at some point will have to be repurposed (silverware) or recycled (class), or to produce and use compostable plates and utensils that don't require washing and go back into the environment as compost?

    Another option is "BYOD" or bring your own dishes, but this requires customers to wash them at some point anyways.