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Beyond household appliances with high idle time rates, I think sharing concepts work really well for lifestyle items such as fashion and furniture, where the sharing of items allows you to benefit from somebody else's taste (especially if you don't like spending time on this, but still want to have a nicely designed looking home/ outfit). This new German start-up, for example, provides membership-based access to fashion sharing. -

I assume this could also be an interesting expansion to the business model of bloggers that have access to large amounts of clothes/furniture etc.

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Jordi Pascual Torner
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  • Hey Caspar. It's interesting. How would you envision the concept sharing platform?

    If I understood correctly...
    If we focus on Fashion industry (also applicable for furniture):
    1. Clothes sharing/leasing/borrowing, like for instance helps reduce textile waste and make a more efficient use of the available clothing while giving access to nice pieces of clothing.
    2. On the other hand, you suggest that many people want to be stylish although they don't have the time or the taste to dress accordingly. This is where many bloggers/influencers in the fashion industry currently offer, through social media, fashion tips/advice and inform about the latest trends. People can then follow and get inspired by these role models or "experts" and get dressed in a way they feel represents them or is in line with their lifestyle / personality.

    Are you suggesting to combine both? So basically bloggers in 2. can take advantage of what is already there in 1. to upgrade what they are already doing and call it concept sharing (and the other way around)? Therefore --> saving money and time (user side), dress according to your lifestyle (user side) and upgrade the value proposition (sharing platforms + bloggers side)