Basic necessity

As a basic necessity water and electricity have become a global problem, as mention in the statement access over ownership.

To day in africa at the community level people are sharing water meters instead of buying thier own, by paying per galon on daily basis at cheaper cost  rather than paying a bill permonth on their your own, meters are provided by the village development communities and some by the goverment to be shared due to the level of poverty in their communities. likewise tenants are  sharing water meters in compounds and bills are paid at the end of the month which reduces financial expenditure on tenants of them acquiring their own meters.

more so, tennants are sharing join electricity meters in compounds and house holds at the end of the month bills  are  shared among users it reduces financial expenditures on tenants but is also create probelms interms of consumption.

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How can this be improved?
modou o. cham
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  • >To increase more community taps,
    >And also reduce the cost.
    >For join electricity meters if a scale can be provided to measure how much each user is consuming it will make it easier for them interms of bill sharing.