Learn from Grandma

My grandma used to make all her own clothes and was probably one of the most frugal people I know. 

There are a whole host of grandmas all around the Netherlands who I am sure would love to share their knowledge, experience and craftsmanship with young fashion students. 

It reminds me of this -

and the repair cafes in Vienna where you can bring an object you need repairing and skilled retired people repair them for a donation

Can we include this in the fashion education in the Netherlands?


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Ana Ramos
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  • How nice!,
    there's a similar project in Portugal: "Grandma Came to Work is an intergenerational creative hub, were social and emotional bonds are knitted in the local community and where elderly people can be themselves."
    and indeed, with could make an interesting link with students to learn traditional crafts, hand sewing techniques, the art of mending and nurturing clothes

    Kate Rushton
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  • This is a super interesting project, Ana! I think it would establish a connection between the generations and keep traditions alive.