Sustainable Operating Business Module

One of the best ways for students to understand a sustainable business would be to operate one. 

This does not have to be an end-to-end business. Although, this would be really interesting - especially if the students could invest/re-invest the profits and sell on a small scale e.g. pop up. But, on a smaller scale, they could partner up with producers/suppliers of sustainably developed clothing and business students to sell and market the clothes/accessories etc. locally. They could learn more about the sustainable fashion in a practical sense and understand the challenge of balancing sustainability (environmental and social) with covering costs and making a profit. 

These pop ups called also travel e.g. to Berlin, London, Milan etc. 

Here are some international orgs you could partner with -…

More local ones -

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  • Yes, students with enterprise skills, or those whom have started their own small business on the side, gain so much more from their final year when they can immediately action new ideas or skills, or conversely can see better how to input those ideas into a business format with a higher level of critique. The benefits to the other students in learning from them is also greater and the amount of knowledge & resource-sharing is doubled. I suggest that students should collaborate on this module if possible, rather than go it alone as resources/risk/time can be shared and learning maximized.