Re-fashionable clothes: back to knit!

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One of the top reasons for buying new pieces of clothing is trend. We feel the clothes we own are no longer in fashion, or we simply want a breath of fresh air.

What if we don't need to buy a new piece but just to re-shape an old one? My mum loves knitting, she makes clothing for the whole family and some friends. When we don't like a sweater anymore, all you need to do is un-do it, choose a new shape and knit again.

No need for buying anything new.

Since not everyone can knit one could set up labs with knitters that help you choose a new design and create a new garment from the material you already have, at a lower price than buying a new one. There would be no added environmental cost and the creation of a different job market. The labs could also organize lessons and workshops for the people who want to take the matter into their own hand, also fostering (inter-generetional) skill transfer.

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