Be Inspired by Nature

"The pea pod is possibly the greatest sustainable packaging design nature can provide.  It packs a lot in a small space, efficiently uses the minimum amount of resources…and best of all its compostable…well sort of unless I eat it!"

How might we use nature as an inspiration for sustainable packaging?

Use the Biomimicry Innovation Toolkit

"The Biomimicry Innovation Toolkit helps facilitate a creative exploration into sustainable packaging design solutions.

The toolkit is comprised of Biomimicry 3.8’s “Biomimicry Brainstorming-in-a-Box” card deck with the specialized topic cards, worksheets, and supporting materials as described below.

  • PDF copy of the Biomimicry Brainstorming-in-a-Box card deck
  • Concept board worksheet
  • Brainstorm map
  • Read Me First content overview
  • Intro video
  • Facilitator Instructions

Learn more and download from Biomimicry 3.8."…

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How can this be improved?
Claude Dewerse
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  • Nice one Kate.
    Maybe every new business looking for consent from their local Council for their business activity should be required to go through this exercise to see if they are able to use biomimicry in their business model.