Plates made out of potato peal - 100% compostable

Disposable plates made out of the waste of the gastronomic industry. This plates are made out of potato peals! 

They are great for food trucks and outdoors food festivals, where the user just needs the plate for a moment. They can make a great variety of shapes, bigger or smaller, to adjust to the dish, bowls too.

McCainn or Pepsico or any other company using potatos in an industrial scale would be a perfect partnership for this project. Turning their waste into something that could be disposed with minimum impact, as it's biodegradable and compostable.


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What can go wrong?
Idoia Letona Castrillo
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  • Great info Dafna! Does this material have any impact on the meal taste? What about the preservation of the plate? as it is biodegradable and compostable I assume that it can't be exposed at hight temperatures, right? could it be a disadvantage?

    How can this be improved?
    Claude Dewerse
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  • Sounds like a great idea (although the most nutrients of a potato are in the peel I believe).
    The other thing is to make sure that waste at the food truck/ market is separated into organic and non organic - otherwise the only advantage of this is that you are not putting plastic into the environment. We need to make sure we are thinking in systems. If we can get it right, our circular systems in the biosphere will be building up organic fertility. So the more "waste" the better!