My observations. Single-use plastics.

Many people and I, myself, use single-use plastics every day. I didn't even notice, mostly I cared about using less shopping plastic bags. However, it is everywhere. Here are some of my observations: most of my cosmetics is made of plastic. As soon as lipstick finishes, the plastic packaging will be thrown away. Wrapping paper that most of the people use is plastic. (to wrap presents for holidays). Difference snack packaging is made from plastic: chips, sweets etc. A tape is plastic, stationery goods: pens, markers etc are made of plastic. And mostly it is pretty durable material that is thrown away, as soon as the product's usage finishes. 

I shared some of the pictures with daily observations on social media, many people liked them, some were trying to figure out the alternatives for convenient plastic packaging.  



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Claude Dewerse
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  • Hi Natalya,
    Good on you. I and some friends have a What'sApp group where we share with each other ways that we have found to reduce consuming plastic. It is pretty low-key but it is a great way to share some of our ideas with others.
    Is this something you could do locally with your contacts? Often the ideas are quite local but not always.
    Is this something that CircleLab or another group could nurture to a wider audience too?