Transparent Factory

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We as society have become disconnected from processes and systems that provide for our basic needs: shelter, food, clothing. Our disonnection to those systems as a consequence leads to not really know or appreciate the value of its accessories which play important role in our everyday’s lifes. We can very easily throw away many things we used to use or we maybe even didn’t use them. We just buy many things since those are cheap and available. With higher degree of connection to those, we would appreciate it more and think once again before throw something away or even before really buying something.

Part of transfer those ideas in our real lifes would be in creating a platform that would enable these processes being visible, by setting up pop-up style TRANSPARENT FACTORIES in the city centres. So people from the street could come in to observe, contribute to and buy the products being made there in real time.

  • They could choose the material for their clothes from a selection of different fabric options.
  • From a selection of pre-made styles they could pick preferred size and fit,

At the end of the creation process and before the purchase they would be asked a simple question: HOW MUCH IS IT WORTH TO YOU? ….

On the long term we believe it might change people’s perspective and value of various accessories, which nowadays sometimes seem to be treated as self evident due too its easy availability, low prices and people’s disconnection to the process of creation.

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