Fashion and textiles curriculum at all levels of education

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In an earlier post I outlined multiple scenarios for future sources of clothing, some emphasizing repair, re-wearing, recycling and up-cycling. There are numerous references within the ideas posted in this Challenge that imply we need to re-install the 'maker' in citizens, move on being consumers to creators. Our parent's generation knew what it was to make clothing, to fix, to mend etc.

If any those emerging scenarios do come to full fruition it is clear that more people must again grow up knowing how clothing is made/dissembled and also how to design their own. The generations currently in school will be the ones recycling/upcyling/building/re-building their own clothing in future in ways we can only imagine.

Therefore fashion education as we know it can and should be diversified and taught to people of all ages in line with emerging subjects such as design thinking and coding.

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