No more giving away free single use - Charge extra for plastic option

Taxing and pricing plastic bags proved to be an effective way of reducing their use. We should also apply this in every other material choice the customer has. For example, when asking for ice-cream, cookie cone (edible) or plastic? If you choose plastic, pay an extra. 

No spoon, free. If you want a spoon, it's an extra.

Most single use plastics are used and tossed because they are given to the customer free of charge, it's free, and thus nobody values the resources in them or the waste it makes.

In the food court, give the option of real cutlery for a deposit, or buy disposable for a higher price. Same with glass and plastic cup. Charge for the spoon for your yogurt. It's the same than giving a discount to the ones that choose to reject plastic option, but more effective.    

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How can this be improved?
Federica Parisi
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  • I completely agree with you. Besides being free, a lot of plastic items are given to you by default. The simple act of asking if you need an item reduces consumption. In Italy since last year shop clerks have to ask you if you need a bag instead of just giving you one (biodegradable, for a small price). It is incredible how many people started answering they didn't need it. Inertia has a strong grip on people, changing the default option is a powerful tool for changing behaviour!

    Idoia Letona Castrillo
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  • Absolutly! I had similar experiences. Normally it's me saying that I don't need a plastic bag and they look at me are surprised!
    The single use plastic fee should be high enough that people doesn't go for this option. this could be a transition to other materials. As said, people have the habit of choosing plastic for its convenience and normally they don't rely on other materiasl (wooden cuttlery or biodegradable materials). So this plastic-fee could be and intentive that helps people changing their mind and giving a chance to sustainable materials.

    How can this be improved?
    Claude Dewerse
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  • Hi Dafna,
    I think the money incentive always works with people. However, there is the risk that this causes a negative vibe - you have taken something away (even if it is for a very good reason).
    The other we can give a money incentive is to reward positive behaviour in people. I mentioned this Sushi chain in New Zealand in another post. They encourage people to bring their own lunch boxes and they give a discount if you do this.