Train student more in modification of garments than new creation

Inspired by this TEDx talk on a man that kept modifying an existing garment as he gained weight and aged

Maybe there could be a series of fun and competitive challenges for students to be challenge to refurb outfits for people

Maybe students could go into the stores of major retailers and offer a refurb service to people who bring in old outfits from the retailer for a small fee?

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How can this be improved?
Federica Parisi
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  • I completely agree, this would be a turning point, and also a step back to how it used to be. However, for this to be possible the clothing industry needs to be involved in the first place at creation time. To enlarge clothing for instance you need an excess fabric in the seams etc. This should be the default when producing new clothes. There need be a mentality shift from selling as much as possible to selling best durable clothing that stay with the customer for long time.