Co-renting is the way to go! / Products as a service, hear hear

New subscription structures to offer products as a service (Philips is a good example of this with their Schiphol project "light as a service") in combination with the possibility of co-renting might be a conversation starter and even a mindset changer. Implementing new types of subscriptions (renting) structures will become a crucial element when it comes to the promotion of access to products over ownership. Adding the element of co-renting would only motivate people to share more with one and other (from washing machines to housing).

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Cynthia Reynolds
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  • I think that your point is a valid one that should be looked at closer. As new and existing collaborative housing and neighbourhood structures evolve, the ability for a group of tenants/neighbours to collectively rent products as a service makes a lot of sense. Populating community tool libraries, garden sheds, or any other items that are not used on a daily basis with products rented/leased by manufacturers is very achievable, should manufacturers be interested in exploring the opportunity.
    We at https://SmartUse.Global are already working with the technology that supports hundreds of 'equipment libraries' worldwide, and would love to see it taken to the next level. Feel free to reach out to us for further exploration.