Conscious Bags are your lowest CO2 footprint option to refuse single use plastic bags.

We at SATA Co Ltd. created Conscious Bags, your lowest carbon footprint option to save the world from single use plastic.

For every shopper like you who need a bag for shopping and doesn't have another option to refuse plastic bags. Conscious Bags are a Shareable & Reusable fabric bag (made from used t-shirts) available for you everywhere for free. In doing so, people have a 3 R's (Recycle, Reuse and Refuse) eco friendly solution in place to refuse plastic bags and help the environment while filling their needs for a bag.

The bags are made by local seamstresses (Women and local economy Empowering) from repurposed T-Shirts (Reduce fabric waste from landfill) that are donated to the cause. 

We all hope to get the support from brand to sponsor Conscious Bags to see this initiative running in Chiang Mai city center next year and then expanding to every city in the world. 

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Idoia Letona Castrillo
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  • Great idea! Have you thought about holding education programmes? I think it could be helpful for youngs and scholars to visit you and let them create their own bag. They will learn that texiles can have a second chance at the time they learn that there are alternatives to plastic bags, as they understand their impact.

    Rodrigo Espinola
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  • Hi Idoia; Thanks for feeding back to our project.
    We are working with schools for the T-shirt recollection and holding workshop with them about fabric and plastic pollution and waste management in general.
    We will be making bags at Jai Thep Festival (in Chiang Mai, Thailand) where people can create their own bag out of their old t-shirt and print a nice design on them.
    Thanks for your support.