Incentivising the use of sustainable packaging by araising local commerce

Customers that bring to local markets (groceries, butcher shops, fish shops...) their own containers (such an tupperware reusable containers) could be incentivised by giving a discount for the next purchase in any of the local commerces. This would boost the local consumption in the same time of reusing single use packagings.

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How can this be improved?
Claude Dewerse
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  • Hi Idoia,
    Who would pay for the discount? I have talked to the guys at our local market and, while they are aware of the sustainability debate, they get their fruit supplied in plastic containers already. So the decision is further back in the supply chain. Meat and fish from the market is wrapped in paper here in the Netherlands.
    I think it needs regulation. Which is what Europe is getting - a ban on single use plastic packaging if there is a viable alternative. That is a lot of incentive right there to come up with alternatives!

    Idoia Letona Castrillo
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  • Thanks for you comment Claude. The discount could be payed by the local commerce association plus the help of local authority (or any public administration). That's why I think that better than a discount for the current purchase, a discount for the next purchase would be suitable. It could ensure that people keeps buying at the neighbourhood markets and groceries, supporting local commerce.
    The markets that I know, normally get the fruit, fish and other fresh products in reusable plastic boxes. I guess this is easier to do when the markets are selling proximity product, that they don't need to be stored and transported for very long time. However, I understand that the plastic issue is in the whole supply chain, but the client/consumer is also part of it. And even if it is just a small change, it is something, and it has a huge impact.