Winnow: improve decision making in food preparation with data

Image by Kris KIng

The Need - each year an estimated USD 100 billion worth of food is thrown away by the hospitality industry, mainly due to overproduction. There are huge benefits in developing tools that help address this and therefore reduce the many issues associated with food waste.

The Solution - Winnow has devised a simple way of collecting data on food waste in commercial kitchens, leading to better decision making in food preparation and increasing awareness of kitchen staff.

What makes this smarter - Winnow analytics correlates food waste to sales directly connecting behavior changes to increased profits.  

The result - restaurants that use this system have cut food waste by between 40 - 70%, leading to increases profit margins by 50% or more as well as reducing carbon emissions


The full story can be found here

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How can this be improved?
Laura Scherer
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  • If I have understood correctly from Winnow’s website, it is destined for “kitchens” of various sizes. Could the technology perhaps be used for organic wastes from supermarkets as well?