Eramus "Sustainable Fashion Design" Degree

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When browsing contribution ideas, I noticed a strong need for sustainability education for consumers and in particular for Fashion Design students.

Since this topic needs to be addressed internationally and in regard to the whole supply chain, I suggest to set up an International credit mobility Program, through Erasmus+ cooperation partnership. The Graduate or Master Degree would gather Porgramme countries (these shall be countries where brands Design are made), and Partner countries (from near Erasmus+ environment such as north Africa where many International brands are outsourcing their production).

Students would do internships in both countries: one where collections Design decisions are made, and another one in the factories where collections are produced. They would get an in-depth insight into the whole process, the amount of fabric waste, working condition and manufacturing techniques. I am teaching in a Fashion Design School in Tunisia and most of our students’ internship projects are being oriented towards fabric waste in local manufacturing companies since it is the most visible issue.

If there are some brands willing to collaborate, it would be even more beneficial since students would follow a collection in particular.

The Degree would also deliver educational content regarding alternative ways of producing/consuming/using clothes such as handmade techniques, crafts, slow fashion etc.

The Pilot Version Degree could be implemented later on many other Fashion Design schools throughout the world.

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