Sharing SOLS Tech Malaysia project

Again, I want to share with a project that I met 4 years ago in Malaysia when I was there teaching English -  SOLS Tech.

A project that combine e-waste reduction and education because the people behind the repairs and/or refurbish of the equipament donated are SOLS students which are young people coming from underprivileged backgrounds.


Here is the link for the project:

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What can go wrong?
Nefertari Pramudhita
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  • Many people are seeing the electronic device as a status piece. Its sometimes dont make them use it (perhaps properly) just by giving it to them free of charge.

    How can this be improved?
    Cynthia Reynolds
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  • How much of this project relies on funding? I understand that some of the funding comes via sales of reprocessed materials, while it appears that hardware is donated to underprivileged communities. Have you looked in to partnerships that will allow it to sell/lease portions of refurbished equipment to companies etc?