Collective learning and sharing to transition to a plastic-free packaging future

Some of the big corporations are investing heavily into looking for alternatives to conventional plastics. Some of the smaller businesses, e.g. SMEs, may not have the capacity to do this. 

Could there be a platform for all companies to share knowledge and best practices for the good of the planet? In the same way Shell open sourced its remediation for tailings from oil sands projects in Canada to smaller oil producers

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How can this be improved?
Claude Dewerse
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  • Maybe the Ellen McArthur Foundation could get the CE100 to share insights. In a way Ellen McArthur Foundation are already kind of doing this? Although I am not aware of strong communication with SMEs. WRAP are also sharing lots of knowledge.

    How can this be improved?
    Idoia Letona Castrillo
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  • In the case of Scotland, there is Zero Waste Scotland, that advice SMEs and companies in general in becoming circular and being more sustainable.