Show me yours and I'll show you mine--->It's hip to bring your own!

Marketing aims to tap into people's insecurities - Case example is mouth wash and marketing the burden of bad breath; sales went from miserable to exploding.  Fears transition to Wants, Wants change to Needs, Needs to over-consumerism.  The Idea here is to make bringing a 'globally acceptable' reusable travel eco-cup, with lid; a new social norm where using the eco-cup is the expectation and accepted carrier, and anything else is frowned upon.  This cup is recognized and it's use receives positive attention and priority access in line at the coffee shop (priority queue similar to the airports).  Positive recognition and attention equals repeat behaviors.  Incentivizing its use builds in financial savings and increased visits.  People feel good about doing their part to protect the Planet - and group behavior strengthens and expands the new social coffee-drinking norm.     

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How can this be improved?
Idoia Letona Castrillo
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  • It's a good idea to create that necessity, the bad point here is that if you forgot your reusable cup at home what happens? you need to get another reusable cup? collective reusable cups could work here.
    Having the option of getting a reusable cup and droping it in the next starbucks/costa cafe/others... you see. You have forgotten you mug at home, but you don't need to get a disposable cup as you are concerned about the planet and you have the option of getting a collective reusable cup.
    I know that challenge here would be having all the coffee shop brands aiming to do the same and working together for the same cause... it could work in a small scale.

    Kim Edens
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  • hey Idoia - Thanks for the comment! - my thinking here is if you forgot your cup, then alas, there goes the opportunity to have coffee - (or perhaps you can borrow a cup from a friend). By not having a Plan B- it reinforces prioritizing bringing that cup. Same holds true here in Sweden - you bring your own bags for your groceries, otherwise you pay to purchase a bag - The incentive to bring your own is that because there is a cost associated with not doing so. Planning ahead is the norm - and usually you can have a few back-up reusable bags (or in the coffee cup example, some extra cups in places that you can access: book bag, in your car, at the office, etc.)