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Education must be transformative and innovative. That is why new designers should know first hand initiatives like this. This is the Emaús Non-Governmental Organization that is responsible for the collection of used clothing and furniture and which in turn contributes to the circular economy

RE-USE Reuse means avoiding the generation of waste. But it also means avoiding the use of raw materials that are finite, avoiding the use of energy in transformation processes, the consequent contamination that new production processes bring ... until here, the known, or at least, the best known. But in Emmaus, reusing is much more.

SOLIDARITY EMPLOYMENT The objective besides environmental of our entity without spirit of profit, is to generate solidary employment. There are studies, and our activity supports this, that for every 10,000 tons of waste if buried in a landfill, 6 jobs can be created. If the number of jobs is recycled, it goes to 36 and if they are prepared for reuse and can be reused they can reach up to 296 jobs.

When we leave abandoned in the street furniture and other objects that can still be used, something that unfortunately happens every other day, what we really do is to build an authentic society of waste. When the objects deposited in the public road suffer the inclemencies of rains, winds, ... they stop being able to be reused. In addition, they are a real aesthetic nonsense and a source of potential danger, because the objects are broken and thus can be harmful. From Emmaus we defend a public collection at home, which overcomes all these disadvantages, putting in value environmental issues and job creation.

AND ALSO RESTS CLIMATE CHANGE People, when they buy second hand products in Emmaus, should know that this simple gesture has positive and important repercussions. If we made the effort to translate them in time of employment of the entity's solidarity contracts and the amount of CO2 emissions avoided, we would see more accurately the weight of our buying action.

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