Food waste turned into animal food in Peru

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As I was telling you in my old post, i am passionate about circularity, specially recovery of resources such as nutrients from different waste streams. I have been working in this topic around 2 years and i also wrote my master thesis about it. One very interesting topic is recovering the valuables from food waste. In the case of nutrients, in one of my projects i was researching about recovery from phosphorus and nitrogen from food waste. However I would say the main challenge is to bring the final products to the market so then, the resource can close the cycle. For that the support of the goverment is very important by providing incentives to the market, however, educating people about the importance of this circularity is also a key point. In addition, if the idea lead to a profitable bussiness for the citizens, then the idea turns into a must! and for sure a real and applicable solution. I can name a very good example of a peruvian friend who is a pioneer in the use of food waste as valuable resource. The start up is called Sinba, which means No waste, they collect the food waste of restaurants, then treat it under a biotechnological process which also kills the pathogens, so then the treated food waste can be used as food for pigs to name an example, here the link of their website

Every country and city has to deal with their own environmental problems and social context, in the case of Peru, the pig farmers are usually people in extrem poverty who feed their pigs not necessary under sanitary conditions. Therefore, this initiative not only contributes to close the loop but also to feed the pigs in a healthy way and also avoid diseases for humans.  Like this example, i also know other from more far away . In Japan this idea was already implemented.

I believe i could also contribute to this kind of initiatives with my acquired knowledge, in this idea, i see the oppotunity of not only helping the farmers to feed their pigs healthier but also there could be the possibility of recovering the nutrients of the manure. Then we will could imagine and  talk about  a circular farming.

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